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Workshops and Retreats

Meditation in Motion was originally created to help busy professionals recognize the many benefits of meditation while juggling the demands of a hectic schedule. I offer customized workshops, talks and retreats to help your team overcome obstacles and unlock their full potential. Through meditation and other mindfulness techniques, you will learn how to dive deep within, identify obstacles and more confidently contribute to your organizations decision making process. In addition to workshops I  offer guided meditation and transformation breathwork at your organizations events to help set intention, focus and sense of calm before diving into other matters you may have. Clients have reported that their teams felt left defensive and more open to discussing complex issues by starting with a guided meditation.

Meditation can often feel unattainable for those trying to balance the many requirements of work, family and life. During your workshop or retreat session you'll learn techniques to incorporate meditation into your daily life in order to find stillness, greater connection to those around you, and ultimately your true purpose. How much you want your group to grow will dictate how deep we go. I look forward to guiding you and your team on your meditation journey whether it be in a board room, a quiet sanctuary or while hiking the beautiful mountains of North Carolina.

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