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Learn to harness the power of your breath and meditation to live in constant state a balance a state of meditation: mediation in motion.

"If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath."


Meet Sarah Miller

Certified Meditation Instructor, Breathwork Coach and Reiki Healer

Welcome! I’m delighted you’re here. 


As you found your way to me, you’re likely seeking a new, or enhanced, meditation practice and more resilient self-healing tools. I can relate. I know well the anxiety, sleeplessness and turmoil associated with trying to navigate and attempting balance between home and work life. Before I found my calling and walking this path, the only way I knew how to show up in this world was being all things – to all people. Utterly exhausted, I spent my days frantic and stretched too thinly and my nights mired in worry and self-recrimination. Somehow, I knew there is a better way of living.


By developing and adopting my own unique collection of actionable, attainable tools and meditative practices, I found a serenity which I didn’t know was possible. I look forward to guiding you along that same journey. One in which you find stillness and silence in the noise, peace and healing amongst the chaos, and a new, transformative lens through which you can view your life.


My passion to help others begin their lives anew, full of inner strength, calm and purpose, traces back to the root of my own quest: finding connection. It’s taken years of dedicated training, discovery and practice to master what it truly means to connect with myself, the ground I walk upon and others in this shared life experience.


My mission is to guide and partner with individuals seeking richer, more fulfilling lives, helping them cultivate a meditative, mindful existence and a balanced, healthy and emotionally thriving inner-ecosystem. In addition to being a Chopra-certified meditation instructor, a certified Breath Master and an Advanced Reiki Practitioner, I've developed my comprehensive program through real-world experience combatting PTSD from my time in the military, addiction and daily family/environmental stressors.


Stress and trauma erode the very foundations of our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. But the good news is: developing a successful, mindful, sustainable practice that enriches every facet of your life is within your grasp. My array of effective, professional offerings is tailored especially for each client and fully personalized. My services include: transformational breath work journeys, functional breath guidance, silent and guided meditation coaching, group classes and custom workshops. Through this work, I encourage students to explore beyond emotional and physical discomfort, understand root causes of their stress and replace feelings of anxiety and indecision with self-awareness, calm consciousness and beneficial breathwork. My clients master the tools and mindsets which enable them to achieve a state of balance and serenity in their daily lives within this busy world.


I look forward to hearing from you soon!



My services all compliment each other and can be customized to meet your specific goals and objectives. At the core of my practice is transformational breathwork which allows you achieve altered states of awareness in order to release trauma and limiting believes; this is growth on hyperdrive. I wrap many of my core beliefs around Primordial Sound Meditation which brings inner peace and equanimity. My clients find practicing Primordial Sound Meditation helps them quickly  feel grounded and a deep sense of calm. With 1:1 meditation and breathwork coaching I can work directly with you to help you develop a regular practice to overcome any obstacles you're facing and lead a more mindful purpose driven life. I also offer reiki healing within my sacred Zen Den to bring healing to physical and emotional wounds. Giving yourself the gift of ultimate relaxation while I help attune your body to move forward feeling lighter and with a deeper sense of clarity and purpose. In addition to working with individuals I also create curated workshops and retreat content for organizations looking to help bring cohesion, clarity and greater levels of creativity to their teams.




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